Explore the island and its stunning landscapes on foot

Have you ever been trekking in Mallorca? The island is also known for its many trekking and hiking routes, mountainous spots with views of the sea, cliffs, nearby islets and other parts of the stunning Serra de Tramuntana. There are routes perfect for all levels, ages and tastes. In today’s post, we’re going to tell you more about trekking in Mallorca and some of the must-see routes.

Tips for hiking/trekking in Mallorca

Before we get started, we want to give you some simple tips:

-You can enjoy these routes alone or with an experienced guide. We’d recommend going with a guide as today, there are some spectacular, well-organised guided routes available. You can also enjoy these routes without a guide if you’re an experienced hiker or plan to follow an easy route.

-Don’t forget to take adequate footwear and equipment. This includes a pair of good, comfortable boots or trainers, water, first aid kit and if you’re hiking in winter, a light raincoat.

-Important! First, there are two mountain ranges on the island: The famous Serra de Tramuntana and the Llevant. Second, whether you’re going to do the route alone or with a guide, you must know about the terrain, its exact location, climate and nearby services.

Torrent de Pareis

Hiking in Torrent de Pareis is one of the most popular activities available on the island of Mallorca. This route starts in the Escorca area and finishes in the gorgeous Sa Calobra cove. It’s most definitely a fantastic trekking route in Mallorca and in summer, you can enjoy a refreshing dip at the end.

This route (if you complete it in full) isn’t the easiest, so it’s a recommended for more experienced trekkers or those who feel comfortable and confident. The duration of the route is around five hours and it takes you through mountainous and rocky areas. This route should only be done between summer and September. Of course, if you’re not an expert hiker you can always choose to visit Sa Calobra to enjoy the sea and the beach – essential when on holiday in Mallorca.

Route: Pedra en Sec

This famous trekking route joins the renowned Serra de Tramuntana and the Puerto de Andratx with the beautiful area of Pollensa in the north east of Mallorca. This isn’t a route to be completed all in one go (135km in total), but it can be split into different stages and completed separately. Those of you who aren’t particularly experienced hikers or who don’t want to spend a number of consecutive hours hiking can complete an easy stage.

In total there are 8 stages and of course, you can choose whether or not you complete the “Piedra en Seco” route in full. If you’re going to complete the full distance, you should stop and refuel along the way, making the most of the mountain refuges you’ll find en route.

When on this trekking route in Mallorca, it’s very important you always follow the directions and signs. If you’re planning on completing the full distance, ask a mountain expert for advice, if possible. One of the most simple and beautiful stages is definitely the route from Deià to the spectacular area of Sóller. 100% recommended.

Ermita San Miguel and Ses Fonts Ufanes

The stunning town of Campanet offers one of the best routes and trekking tours in Mallorca. It’s also perfect for almost everyone because it’s short and easy. The duration is around 40 minutes (20-minute ascent, 20-minute descent). The route we’d suggest starts in the beautiful Ermita de San Miguel de Campanet. Just a few metres away is the entrance into the Gabellí Petit estate, from which you can access the Fonts Ufanes, a natural spring and fountain which comes right out of the ground and rocks once rain has been collected.


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