Campanet joins the sea and the Serra de Tramuntana, offering a wide range of exciting adventures to keep you on your toes during your stay.

If you think you’ve already explored all the wonders of the Balearic Islands, make sure you’ve explored one of Mallorca’s most fascinating spots.

You’ll have the chance to enjoy a unique experience in Campanet, located in the north west of the island.

There are plenty of things to do in Campanet, as it’s located between two natural environments, making it a perfect holiday destination.

Campanet joins the sea and the Serra de Tramuntana, offering a wide range of exciting adventures to keep you on your toes during your stay.

Whether you’re travelling as a family, with your partner, friends or on your own, Campanet is most definitely the perfect option for your next trip.

Tourists who come from across Spain and Europe and choose to visit Campanet, find themselves in the perfect location for rest and leisure.

There’s plenty to do in Campanet, but we’ll start by telling you that its privileged location makes it a wonderful place for cycle tourism and excursions.

For this reason, among many others, it’s definitely worth packing your bags and heading to inland Mallorca, ready to explore everything this tourist destination has to offer.

Tourist attractions in Campanet

Campanet is located between valleys and mountains, which is why it benefits from its own, unique charm. It’s a little-known yet surprising destination, especially for those who are only familiar with Mallorca and the Balearic Islands as a beach destination.

To start organising your list of things to visit in Campanet, you should start with the pretty town, wandering along its charming, narrow streets leading to the Plaza Mayor.

One of the iconic examples of Mallorcan architecture you’ll come across is the Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepción. This is a Baroque church that dates back to 1700 and is a must-see for any tourist who comes to visit.

Another religious building characteristic of Campanet is the Capilla de Sant Miguel, which dates back to the 13th century.

It was originally erected as a mosque, but was later reconverted to Catholicism, and is considered to be one of the oldest churches on the island of Mallorca.

Of course, its main natural tourist attraction are the famous and impressive caves of Campanet, which were discovered in 1945.

Exploring the enigmatic caves of Campanet is a unique experience, as they consist of incredible natural rock formations and you’ll be able to observe diverse underwater lakes.

Adventures in Campanet

If you’re looking for activities to do while on holiday in Campanet, we’re pleased to tell you that you’ve come to the best place to enjoy an adventure.

In addition to its great natural beauty and architecture, you can also enjoy incredible cycling routes in Campanet.

Hiking is yet another activity characteristic of Campanet, thanks to its mountainous natural landscapes.

You’ll be able to experience exciting adventures, in addition to flatter routes, perfect for all types of tourists.

Don’t let the mountainous landscape fool you! The beautiful beaches in the areas surrounding Campanet are truly magical and you can head to Pollensa and Alcúdia to enjoy the pleasure of the sea.

There’s no need to worry about finding accommodation in Mallorca, as you’ll be able to stay in the charming Hotel Monnaber Vell. Here, you’ll be in stunning natural surroundings, without having to surrender any modern-day comforts.

That’s why you’ll have more than enough activities to entertain you in Campanet, a destination you simply must explore during your next holiday on the island of Mallorca.

We’ll be waiting for you in Campanet. Welcome to Campanet!


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