The Monnaber Vell hotel opens its doors for the 2020 season on 8 February.

The Monnaber Vell hotel opens its doors for the 2020 season on 8 February. From March onwards the days start to warm up, and the daytime temperature hovers around 20 °C, and the mornings tend to be cool with a temperature of roughly 10 °C.

This time of year on Majorca is unique, especially for people who do not like crowds and sweltering temperatures. It’s completely different to other European countries.

It’s true that you can find rainy and chillier days, but when the sun comes out, the temperature is perfect for enjoying a stroll around the island’s villages, or for gazing at the sunset from some hidden cove at a point on the Majorca coastline.


What can you do on Majorca?

Contrary to appearances, Majorca has a great deal to offer, not just in summer. You won’t be able to get bored at these times of year outside the summer season. Of course Majorca’s main attraction are its beaches, but in these months they are deserted, and because they are not crowded with tourists it is well worth going to pay them a visit.

Water sports

It’s a very good time of year for those who like to do water sports. It’s not difficult to find those "good waves", which for some may turn into an adventure with the surf or even a fun swimming session.

Cycling tours

Before the sun starts to become oppressive, Majorca is also particularly attractive for cycling lovers. The well-designed cycle paths, which frequently pass through charming towns and villages, make a veritable paradise for cyclists.

Horse riding

Both for beginners and advanced riders, this is another option for this time of year on Majorca. There are many riding schools and clubs on the island, some of them offering  horse riding on the beach.


With routes for a diverse range of levels this is another option for those seeking an alternative to the classic tourism of sunshine and sand on Majorca. Holidays on Majorca can also be enriched by the chance to see nature’s changing seasons.

In order to do all this it’s necessary to go to the island between February and October, which are months when you can stay at our hotel. Book your room at Hotel Monnaber Vell.

What’s on offer on Majorca: tourist attractions worth seeing

Majorca is crystal-clear water, idyllic beaches, a stunning and varied coastline and a guaranteed sunny climate. This is why it’s a paradise for those tourists seeking ideal and marvellous conditions.

The most popular are the region around the Gulf of Alcúdia and the Calla Millor complex, which offer beaches of fine sand that gently slope down into the water, reminiscent of a Caribbean landscape. There are also small, intimate beaches for couples looking for charming and romantic spots.

The island also offers ample scope for tourism. Regardless of the duration of your stay, it’s worth visiting all these places, especially because they are only a few kilometres away.

Holidays on Majorca are also a good option for those wanting to do day trips. As well as stunning landscapes, it offers an attractive old quarter with atmospheric restaurants and a relatively small number of tourists at this time of year.

Make sure to visit Sa Calobra and the outflow of mountain torrent known as Torrente de Pareis, where there is a spectacular beach (located between two tall cliffs). It’s also worth going to the area of Porto Cristo, where the Drac caves are located with an underground lake.

The period of September and October (autumn on Majorca), as well as March to May, guarantees a warm (but not stifling) and sunny climate, but it’s also associated with a smaller number of tourists. It’s worth knowing that Majorca can be as much as half the price of other -less fun - European destinations at this time of year.

If the priority is the absence of crowds or low cost holidays, it’s worth visiting Majorca at the beginning of spring or the beginning of autumn, when the prices are still relatively low and affordable, and the temperature reaches 20-25 degrees.


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