Discover Mallorca by walking along its best trails

Walking in Mallorca is a favourite activity for many, both residents and travellers who come to the island from all over the world. We know that sometimes it can be difficult to browse through the wide range of trails available and choose the best one, so today at Monnàber Vell, we’ve put together 4 simple trails we’re sure that you’ll love.

You’ll soon discover that walking around Mallorca is one of the best ways to explore each corner and magical landscape the island has to offer. Also, if you want to stay nearby or at our beautiful agroturismo in Campanet, a number of these trails are our top picks and you can enjoy them all starting right from Monnàber Vell itself. If after reading this post you fancy talking a closer look at the 3 trails starting from the agroturismo or at the route maps, have a browse in the walking and hiking section.

Penya des Migdia

This is one of the favourite trails in the Serra de Tramuntana, declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Starting at Agroturismo Monnàber Vell, this walking trails in Mallorca covers 4.7km. As it’s a circular trail, the outward and return routes are the same.

This walking route is definitely worth it if you want to enjoy some stunning views out towards the popular town of Campanet, the Bays of Alcúdia and Pollença in the northern part of the island. On a clear day, you can see out to the small island of Menorca in the northeast. This trail has a medium difficulty level and takes approximately 1 hour 48 mins, there and back, with an estimated altitude of 410 metres.

Bosque de Monnàber Vell

This is one of the easiest and most scenic walking routes in Mallorca. It’s perfect to do during the day, including as a family, taking the necessary precautions. Don’t forget to take appropriate clothing, water and sun cream, especially in summer.

The 1.2 km trail goes through the Monnàber Vell forest in Campanet. It’s short, pretty and perfect for everyone. That’s why it tends to be a hit among guests at the agroturismo.

To get to the forest you’ll need to go down the steps that you’ll find next to the main house, heading towards the stream. After arriving at the old water mill, turn, cross the field and enter into the forest via a small staircase.

This is a fantastic walking route if you’re short on time or want to combine it with other plans, such as visiting the Coves de Campanet, Ses Fonts Ufanes or, if it’s a Tuesday, heading over to the Campanet market. If you want to find out a bit more about other things to do in the area, we’d recommend you read our post about what to do in Campanet.

Alaró Castle

Who hasn’t heard of the gorgeous Castell d’Alaró? When talking about walking and hiking in Mallorca, a route around this emblematic area and monument simply cannot be forgotten.

The route starts in the town of Alaró, heading up to the high point in Puig d’Alaró, about 822m, where the stunning castle is located. Generally, it takes about 2 hours. Once you get to the top, you’ll be able to enjoy the incredible view over the Serra de Tramuntana. Alaró is located just 25 minutes to the south of Campanet.

Font de Sa Pega

Back to Campanet! We call this trail “el camino de las tres fuentes” (the route of the three fountains) and it starts from the Monnàber Vell agroturismo, too. Just like the others, it’s a relatively short route in terms of time and it’s quite easy, with a medium difficulty level.

During the route, which crosses woodland areas and a dam, you can enjoy the natural surroundings and the history of the area, equally, discovering lime furnaces and old coalman’s cabins on the island, as well as 200-year-old (or more) holm oaks. Of course, you’ll also see some famous fountains en route, but it’s not drinking water. This is what gives the name to the trail.

If you’d like, this trail goes on even further, but it gets harder as it goes on. If you fancy going that little bit further, don’t hesitate to ask our team at Monnaber Vell.


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