Summery dishes you have to try when you are on the island

Summer is almost here and, one of the best things about spending time in Mallorca in this popular season is the chance to try some of the tastiest dishes that are typical of the region. They are fresh, nutritious and traditional. They are typical Mediterranean and Mallorcan recipes that you simply have to try when on your summer holidays here. In today’s post: 4 traditional summer specialities to eat in Mallorca.

Trampó or "Trempó"

The dish we call “trampó” in Spanish, or “trempó” in Mallorquín, is the island’s number one summer salad. You are bound to find it on the dinner table of any local resident in the summer (although it is common to find it on these tables all year round, such is its popularity), and in the packed lunches that many of them take when enjoying a relaxing day out at the beach. 

“Trempó” comes from the word “trempar”, in Mallorquín, which literally means to apply a dressing to something. This delicious and refreshing salad is made of a mixture of tomato (in greater proportion than all the other ingredients), Mallorcan onions, green peppers, a generous dash of oil and salt. Everything must be chopped into small cubes (normally) and mixed harmoniously together. This, of course, is the most common and traditional form, but there are many variations on it. Some people like to add tuna, olives or even small lentils. And when it comes to the dressing, some like to add a sprinkling of pepper or a dash of white wine vinegar. You can make it any way you like, because it is as versatile, refreshing and delicious as any dish can be. If it’s summertime in Mallorca, then it’s time for trampó!


Now we come to the world of paellas, because summer wouldn’t be the same without them. This is the traditional Spanish dish that is a fixture practically everywhere in Spain, but especially in Mallorca in summer, where it is definitely one of the main attractions. If we were to make a list of the essential dishes of Mallorca to try during the summer, the many varieties and versions of paella are sure to be on it.

Paella can be made with seafood, like prawns and crab, or made only with meat, a mix of these, vegetables only and there is black rice, whose characteristic colour and flavour is provided by squid ink. There are many ways to enjoy paella, although the defining feature is good quality rice and a well-prepared sauce base. To enjoy a rich Mallorcan paella, we would certainly recommend one with seafood, because you will also be enjoying fresh local produce, with shellfish from the most popular fish markets on the island.

When it comes to choosing the place to eat your paella, we recommend somewhere near the sea or a village close to the Tramuntana Range (like Sóller, Deià or Campanet), where they are experts in the most delicious traditional types of paella.

Artisan ice-creams from Sóller

Nothing tastes of summer as much as a good ice-cream, don’t you think? You probably agree, but if you are not convinced, wait until you have tried the locally made ice-creams of Sóller, in Mallorca. If you come to the island in summer, make sure you visit this town to try the incredible creamy ice-creams or sorbets made of local oranges, almonds or hazelnuts. Absolutely delicious!

Almond slush

When the sun is high in the sky over Mallorca, there is nothing that appeals quite like a chilled slushy made with Mallorcan almonds, one of the essential ingredients of the island.

Mix the main ingredients, raw almonds (or toasted, if you prefer), water, sugar and powdered cinnamon, adding some optional extras to taste, like milk or some lemon juice. Put this delicious mixture in the freezer until it starts to freeze, then crush it to make a slushy and drink it slowly in the long hot afternoons. This is definitely one of the typical ‘dishes’ of Mallorcan cuisine that will satisfy the most. Enjoy!


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